Friday 19 August 2011


Here is the place holder for the various famed Nessie photographs and films that have been discussed on this blog plus the newer ones. The list will grow as our attention turns to each of these iconic images in turn. Click on the links to view the relevant past blogs.

The Surgeon's Photograph - here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

The Hugh Gray Photograph - here, here and here and here and here!

The Peter MacNab Photograph - here and here.

The Peter O'Connor Photograph - Part I, II, III and IV.

The Lachlan Stuart Photograph - here, here, here and here.

The Dinsdale Film - here

The Jennifer Bruce Photograph - here

A picture from 1938 - here

The G.E.Taylor Film - here

The Mysterious MacRae Film - here

The Gordon Holmes Video - here

The Jon Rowe Photograph - here, here and here.

The Jonathan Bright Photograph - here

The Problem with Nessie Photos - here.

A Photo of Nessie (probably not)? - here.

Fake and Real Photos - here.

The LNIB Films - here.

A 2014 Photograph? - here.

The Herman Cockrell Photo - here.


This is a place holder for our occasional look at famous Nessie sightings from decades past. Some familiar and some not so familiar but sharing the common theme of seeing Nessie up close and personal in such a way that (let's face it) there is not much room for error. Well, some do persist in some odd explanations but you can click through the links and make your own mind up.

The Spicers' Otterly Amazing Land Sighting - link, link, link, link, link, link and link!

Marjory Moir's Flexible Nessie Sighting - link, link.

Greta Finlay's not so en-deer-ing Sighting - link and link

John MacLean's Expanding Nessie - link

Alex Muir and the Obstinate Nessie - link

Gordon Powell's speeding Nessie - link

Robert Badger and the underwater Nessie - link

Robert Wotherspoon's salmon hunting Nessie - link

The Mackays open the modern era of Nessie - link

Margaret Munro and the "sunbathing" Nessie - link

Michael McCullough's Caterpillar - link

The Day Nessie was seen the most times - link

The problem with recent sightings - link


This is a place holder post for the series of blogs entitled "What is The Loch Ness Monster?" which are listed below with appropriate links to discussion. This post will appear on the right hand side of the blog and I aim to add to it as time goes on until, well until I run out of ideas!

Peruse the various ideas and see which one makes sense to you!

Nessie the Plesiosaur - link

Nessie the Misidentified Log - link and link

Nessie the Paranormal Entity - link and link

Nessie the Giant Eel - link and link

Nessie the Giant Catfish - link

Nessie the Sturgeon - link 

Nessie the Long Necked Seal - link

Nessie the Elk - link and link

Nessie the Viking Boat - link

Nessie the Extraterrestrial - link

Nessie the Non-existent Monster (The Skeptic View) - link

Nessie and that long neck - link

Nessie the long necked turtle - link

Nessie and tales of mulitple creatures - link

Ted Holiday's Little Monster - link

Nessie the horned beast - link

Nessie the Underwater UFO - link