Sunday 13 January 2019

Loch Ness Monster Jigsaw Puzzle and Others

I know there are Nessie fans out there who collect commercial items to do with the monster, be it postcards, toys, mugs or other items. I myself collect any book going on Nessie, so long as it not fiction or kids stuff. Yes, I know, sceptics will say it is all fiction, but you know what I mean. Bid away and the link is here. I also collect coins as a hobby, so any coins of a Nessie nature will attract my attention. In fact, by some strange coincidence, there is also a new set of cryptozoological coins struck in pure silver by the Intaglio Mint and you can see the full set for sale here

Some are pure tourist tat, but even tat becomes valuable over the decades as this 1976 jigsaw puzzle may prove to be. I also noted this children's book entitled "Fida and the Loch Ness Monster" published in the 1960s, not something I would normally look at, but then I noted the author was a Pan Harmsworth which made me wonder whether this person was related to the Nessie believer turned sceptic, Tony Harmsworth? I also wondered if it is one of the first ever kids books on Nessie, though I am sure I saw one years ago dating to the 1930s.

And finally there was this Triang clockwork Nessie I saw on eBay. It has absolutely no resemblance to the monster, but I doubt the kids were caring. Anyone have an idea when it was made? Well, these things do turn up and may never be seen again, so if you want them, you know what to do. Meantime, I continue to look out for some items with by bid finger at the ready, wondering if they will ever see the light of day.

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