Friday 15 December 2023

Loch Ness Monster Podcast

I recently had a chat with David Divine who runs a podcast channel covering various mysteries across the world and this was his first conversation with anyone on the subject of the Loch Ness Monster. That is where I came in and I was happy to have a discussion on the beast across the ages for an hour.

The one factoid that put the mystery in perspective for me was when I stated that the first account back in the day of St. Columba happened only eighty years after the fall of the Roman Empire. Contrary to common opinion about Hadrian's Wall, the Romans led some expeditions into the far north of Scotland and occupied various parts of the region for a while. There are possible remains of a Roman Fort near Cawdor in Moray which is less than twenty miles from Loch Ness, so it is a reasonable conjecture that the most famous empire in the world was at the most famous loch in the world. Whether they saw anything unusual in the waters is lost to history.

The link to the YouTube version of the talk can be found here. One commenter on the YouTube page said they could not understand my accent! Not a lot one can do about the Glaswegian accent, old bean, listen to it ten times over and you'll get the hang of it! One thing I would change next time is not to have your laptop on your lap!

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