Sunday 27 September 2015

Bear Grylls around Loch Morar

Adventurer Bear Grylls was around the austere mountains of Loch Morar recently and you can see it televised on STV this Tuesday (29th) at 9pm. There will be a mention of the Loch Morar Monster, but how much I am not sure. Loch Morar is much more of a wilderness compared to Loch Ness, a good backdrop to a good monster story.

More information here.


Quite a good programme. Bear Grylls opened by paramotoring over Loch Morar. Though there was a chat with one witness and his photo, the main item of interest was the sediment analysis taken at the lowest depth at over 1000 feet with a core sampler attached to a very long rope.

No saltwater from the post ice age inundation was found at the bottom but another water analysis suggested this was a low nutrient lake. A sonar sweep suggested a low fish population. I found this a bit surprising considering the loch is not as opaque as Loch Ness which ought to help the food chain.