Saturday 18 September 2010

Man, Monsters and Mysteries (Disney Film)

For your entertainment below, Walt Disney's documentary on the Loch Ness Monster made in the early 1970s. If you can put up with their ridiculous cartoon Nessie this documentary is a Who's Who of the Monster Hunt of the 1960s. I don't recognise everyone but with the YouTube time counter in parentheses you can spot the following Loch Ness Luminaries:

Not surprisingly, the video has now been removed. If you want it, you can buy it from and hope your DVD player does region 1 as it is not available on Happy hunting!

Monday 13 September 2010

Some Deer Crossing Roads

Would you mistake these videos of deer running across a road for a big, grey, snail-like, prehistoric-like creature?

Thought not, nor did I. Feel free to suggest other clips!

Sunday 12 September 2010

England's Nessie

As reported by Sky News who have sonar equipment on the case:

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Search For England's Loch Ness Monster

Monster hunters have used sonar equipment for the first time to search for a mysterious creature reportedly living in England's largest lake. Skip related content

Sky News filmed out on Windermere with the team looking for proof that the beast exists.

In the last four years there have been seven reported sightings of a long humpbacked animal, now nicknamed Bow-Nessie.

Windermere hotel owner, Thomas Noblett, described his strange encounter in the water, saying: "All of a sudden I felt something brush past my legs like a giant fish.

"And then I was lifted up by a 3ft wave. I've no idea what it was."

During the sweep of the lake, the team spotted a strange 14 metre long disturbance in the water but were unable to detect anything on sonar.

Searching Windermere is a huge task as the lake is 220ft deep in parts and over ten miles long.

Hunt organiser, Dean Maynard, said: "We've had more creature sightings here than at Loch Ness in recent years so we think it's time that Bow-Nessie received more attention."

Last year, a local film crew spotted a 20 metre long object below the surface of the lake but sceptics believe the footage shows a wave from an unseen boat.