Friday 19 August 2011


This is a place holder for our occasional look at famous Nessie sightings from decades past. Some familiar and some not so familiar but sharing the common theme of seeing Nessie up close and personal in such a way that (let's face it) there is not much room for error. Well, some do persist in some odd explanations but you can click through the links and make your own mind up.

The Spicers' Otterly Amazing Land Sighting - link, link, link, link, link, link and link!

Marjory Moir's Flexible Nessie Sighting - link, link.

Greta Finlay's not so en-deer-ing Sighting - link and link

John MacLean's Expanding Nessie - link

Alex Muir and the Obstinate Nessie - link

Gordon Powell's speeding Nessie - link

Robert Badger and the underwater Nessie - link

Robert Wotherspoon's salmon hunting Nessie - link

The Mackays open the modern era of Nessie - link

Margaret Munro and the "sunbathing" Nessie - link

Michael McCullough's Caterpillar - link

The Day Nessie was seen the most times - link

The problem with recent sightings - link


  1. This site is a GOLDMINE of information, with lots of calm, rational, open-minded discussion. Would dearly love to see material relating to the films - specifically the Hodges and Smith films, even the Gordon Holmes film. Don't know if copyright is a problem. Great, great site, so thanks for all the hard work!!

    1. Thanks, most films purported to be of the monster are rarely seen. There are some I have never seen and I have been following the mystery for decades!

      I guess I will get around to some in due time.

  2. Roland: You mention cine film footage you have never seen and it got me wondering - who holds the G.E. Taylor film of 1938 now? I guess it has passed along in the estate of the late Maurice Burton, but why refuse to release it especially if it is something inanimate and why would the family still have such intransigent position? Also, what happened to the Peter & Gwen Smith film of the 70s? I vaguely recall it featuring on Arthur C Clarke's telly programme but I can't picture it in my mind and a little trawl through the internet just now revealed no footage let alone stills - anywhere you can point me to find it or at least see some stills?

    1. I can tell you that Maurice Burton returned the copy to Mr. Taylor, so no conspiracy there. This film has effectively vanished to Soouth Africa and would require a fair bit of investigative work to find.

      I haven't seen the Smith film for quite a while. Once again, classic evidence sinks even beneath the Internet waves. I'll have a look too!

    2. GB - Found the Arthur C Clarke episode I was referring to above. Smith film appears roughly half way through and is pretty poor quality. I would think the original would be much better than this YouTube clip suggests and lend itself to some modern enhancements but where would it be?

      Note also that Arthur C Clarke producers in 1980 seem to have found the previously lost Pathe-style News footage of Malcolm Irvine a full 20-odd years before Scottish Film Archives. I was always sure I had seen this footage as a kid and thought I was going mad as it was reported widely as being lost from 1936 until 2005ish so how could have I - now we know it wasn't lost at all!

      How can I contact you? I have found a revealing article relating to Surgeon's Photo from the year it was taken that I would like to share with you.



    3. MJN,

      You can get me at

    4. lovin the site quality been a beleiver since a was 5year old nom 35 year old still very interesting
      been to lochness once in my lifetime dun the boat tour seen a few dodgy lookin sightings on webcam very dark creature only one webcam still works used to be a few.Any new photos or sightings would be welcome much luv keep up the goodwork m8

  3. It doesn't exist.