Monday 6 February 2017

First Nessie Sighting of 2017?

A fellow Nessie fan put me through to a friend of his who had a curious experience only yesterday (Sunday 5th February) at the loch. I phoned that person tonight and put down here what we discussed.

The person gave me his name but he requests anonymity but allows himself to be known as a local Foyers man. That day yesterday he was relaxing and watching the loch at the pier near the entrance to the Foyers power station. This is, in fact, the location where infamous Nessie Hunter, Frank Searle parked his caravan and spent thousands of hours watching the loch over thirty years ago. You can "drive" right up to the pier using Google StreetView.

It was about 9am and the loch was mirror calm. Our man observed some fish jumping ahead of him as he watched from the stone pier and it was then that he noticed bubbles a few feet in front of him breaking the surface and creating series of concentric ripples. The witness likened it to a funnel under the surface bubbling away.

At this, the source of the bubbles began to move away in the direction of the jumping fish and just kept creating these concentric circles up to a point over 200 metres away, at which point it stopped and dissipated. Our witness was so focused on watching the curious event that he forgot to take a snap with his mobile phone camera. That is not the first time we have heard of this and it won't be the last!

Considering what had been seen, I asked if he thought it might have been a seal, but he discounted this based on the behaviour of seals he had often watched near the Kessock Bridge. Whether it could have been a large fish like a pike is an open question. I, myself, am not convinced either way.

Anyway, the year has begun and we may already have our first sighting of the creature. Comments and opinions are welcome below.

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