Tuesday 22 May 2012

A Story of Loch Ness Eels

I came across this multi part story while searching on the Internet a few days back. The reason I had not seen it before was because the stories had only been posted in the last two weeks. My comments below contain spoilers, so feel free to read the originals first. Note this is a fictional work. I initially thought it might have a grain of truth, but as the author has posted instalments and the plot has developed, it is just as well it is just a story!

Part One can be found here.

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Part Five can be found here.

UPDATE: The author has removed these chapters but hopes to put them back in at a future time.

The story concerns a man who was a keen angler who had received a call for help to go up to Loch Ness to help a friend who had bought a hotel in or around Foyers. While up at the loch, he was regaled with a few interesting tales by the local fishermen such as the Fort William boy who was trapped in a coil by a giant eel and the submersible under Castle Urquhart that fled from eels bigger than itself. Suitably sceptical, he decided to try out his fishing rod in the loch at Foyers but only pulled up a dog like rib cage. Walking over the Foyers river later he noticed a line of eighteen inch eels foraging their way up the river. The systematic way they did this was unusual but he did not think much more of it.

On a return visit to the Loch, he brought his fifty pounder line to have a go at the Loch Ness pike he had been told about. His first venture back with two lines at night ended with a trout head being reeled in after something big grabbed it and ran the line out. The second heavier line with a piece of mackerel on it was reeled in but then with a jolt began to run deep. It turned out to be a seal but a local incident elsewhere with a dead seal later made him think it was his hook that injured the seal but the vet told him the seal had died from a bite from something else in the loch which had led to an infection.

The story develops until finally our angling author hooks a huge eel which leads to a fish expert joining the hunt and we enter a world of cannibal eels which attack anything in their path yet flee from a humble torch when it lights on their strange pale eyes.

It's a fascinating read whether it is true or not. If it was true, I agree with the author's sentiment that he would never swim in Loch Ness again, let alone canoe (well, I was already of that opinion!). However, the creatures portrayed in the story are to say the least vicious and come across as the Loch Ness version of piranhas.

From a purely Loch Ness Monster Theory point of view, I found some parts of the story interesting.

  • The pale eyes of the eels suggesting a nocturnal creature.
  • The slime marks on a bank near a landed creature which suggested some terrestrial mobility,
  • The ability to expand their bodies with gas which spoke of high buoyancy (the author suggested eels do this as a decompression guard against the bends).
  • The cannibalistic nature of the animals which spoke to the food supply issues.

So enjoy the story. I suspect there will be further instalments which may see these creatures and the truth of the matter develop with the storyline.The only remaining question is who wrote this story? Perhaps someone already known to the Nessie community?