Thursday 19 May 2011

The Loch Ness Society

Back in the 1990s I was kind of putting Nessie in the background. I was getting married, kids were born and you know the rest of the script. So it was no surprise that some Loch Ness Monster things went under my radar only to surface to my own view years later.

One of those was the Loch Ness Society formed in 1996 by Ian Kelloway, Richard Carter and Ian Martin. It was well intentioned in that it produced a regular newsletter to keep Nessie-philes informed and get them together now and again for a hunt and a pint. All perfectly admirable but by the time I was back on Nessie things, they had gone. The first two pages of their first newsletter is reproduced below to jog any memories. I say "jog" because I would ask anyone that knows about this society to let me know how it progressed and finally disbanded. Also, where is co-founder Richard Carter who was actively involved in the hunt in the 1990s but has now seemingly dropped out? Unanswered questions ... drop a comment if you have further info or even access to more of these newsletters.

Monday 16 May 2011

Video on Nessie Hunting "Basics" III

Back to my short series on monster hunting. I actually have not posted for months on this series so must make them more frequent. This is part III and part II can be found here. This goes back to my last "expedition" in July 2010. I hope to be back up this summer but plan to approach the whole monster hunting from a new angle which I have not heard from anyone else before. Well, perhaps they did do it but it was a complete failure and it wasn't worth mentioning to anyone else ...

Note in the video my brief sighting of a boat. Now going by the google map below, I estimate it was about 1,500 yards away or pretty similar to the distance that Tim Dinsdale saw his hump at. Even though I thought it was a boat with the naked eye, I applied the binoculars and this was confirmed. Once again, I don't think Tim would have been so easily fooled either. The only difference was that I was at loch level and he was about 300 feet up. Make up your own mind whether that makes a whit of difference at such a distance - I don't.