Friday 13 March 2020

New book on Sea Serpents

Malcolm Smith has emailed me to tell me he has just published his book entitled "Australian Sea Serpents". I haven't seen the book yet but the promotion on Amazon runs thus:

Sea serpents! So you thought they were mythical beasts, figments of the imagination of medieval cartographers to fill in the corners of their maps! Think again. Sea serpents have been reliably reported all over the world right up to the present day. And some of the most remarkable have been those which have visited Australian shores.

A government diver was brought quickly to the surface when he encountered a fierce eel-like monster nine metres long.

Multiple witnesses on shore at Newcastle watched a battle between a sea serpent and a whale.

Swimmers at Cronulla were amazed when the long neck of a sea serpent rose out of the water just outside the sea wall.

In one year alone, eleven sea serpents appeared off the east coast

Now Malcolm Smith, a qualified zoologist, and author of "Bunyips and Bigfoots", has thoroughly searched the archives, and provided a definitive study of this mystery. More than half the cases are new, having never been discovered by earlier researchers. After a careful analysis, removing those reasonably suspected of being hoaxes, as well as those representing known species, several score of unexplained sightings remain. At the end of this book, all but the most sceptical of reader will be convinced that our coasts are being visited by large marine species still unknown to science.

The book can be purchased here and is also available in Kindle format.

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