Saturday, 16 September 2017

A New Nessie Book for 2018

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  1. This would be very welcome addition to the LNM library. I think the most measured books on the subject have been by Bauer and Mackal. I can see yours being useful in presenting the data, as in Mackal and then offering the pros and cons, alá Bauer and letting the reader come to their own conclusions. It would be great if some people like Gwen Smith (if still alive), Jolene Lin, Richard Preston and the chap who took the "roast chicken" picture, for lack of a better description - could all sit for an extended interview and be included in the book. As it is now, the research you've done on the O'conner, Cockrell, MacRae and McGruer/Cameron cases will be a huge contribution the printed literature on the subject. I'll be first in line to buy! All the best to you, md

  2. Fantastic news! I will buy more than one copy. I think it's likely to be the best book ever written on the LNM phenomenon. So many different angles on this website.

    Regarding ideas for the cover, it would be a nice touch if the design were to include the loch, the archetypal image of one of the animals, plus some kind of reference to the modern computer age (to emphasise the fact it has arisen from your blog work). Perhaps the cover could be Loch Ness viewed on a PC screen? Or possibly some visual pun of a Loch Ness Monster and a computer mouse? Just throwing some ideas in the mix!

    Your decision to write a book has made my Sunday.

  3. This is great news Roland. I will be adding your book to my collection. No doubt there will be some sceptical sneering but your time at the loch and your dedication and knowledge of the subject is second to none. Your popular blog is proof of thi, and that people take it seriously unlike useless facebook pages with a handful of people mirroring your every word like schoolkids. Yours is a proper OPEN discussion page welcoming sceptics and believers alike. Good luck with the book and long may this fantastic blog continue . And as for a cover to your book, well maybe a combination of photographs old and new.

  4. Excellent news. Put me down for a copy.

  5. Great stuff ! I've got 20 odd books on the mystery and always room for another. I wild love to see a chapter on pre 1930 sightings and an and updated chapter on webcam images seeing as they monitor the loch at all times! A book with a difference I say lol. Good luck on publishing it GB I look forward to it

  6. Good news indeed.
    A pro Nessie tome, surely a publisher's dream.

    Not sure what to make of Roland's tinfoil hattted doom laden ejaculations on the in-built obselescence of website data.

    Have we been here before?
    I got C-120 tapes from the 70s that still happily play
    I got 1/4inch magnetic tapes from the 70s that happily play
    I got VHS tapes from the 80s ditto
    I got data CDs and DVDs from the 90s ditto.
    I got memory sticks from last week that will still be accessible in 100 years time.

    1. Well, no. Unlike VHS, CDs, DVDs, my website is not produced in mass volume.

      I would rather not make the assumption, that like your 1970s media, what I type into Google's mass storage devices will still be there 40 years hence.

    2. ww3 will use russian scalar weapons which can compleatly destroy shielded electronic media

  7. John, I don't have the means to view the first three technologies on your list, I think you've proved the article author's point.

  8. I've bought a few old books and been surprised just how much information has been kept within those books, and not available online. Clearly books are still essential for longevity. Also, regardless of how free our society appears to be, the major search engines work in a mathematical and commercial manner in order to retrieve information. Whereas if I want a book, I'll buy it. That's real freedom of choice.
    Good luck with it.

  9. Always pick up new info when u read a book. I'm reading ' search at loch ness' at the moment and now only learnt that bob rines had another witness to his sighting .. a fisherman in his boat. I think GB you should take a chapter in ur book to challenge some of the sceptics views on some sightings as they don't add up to me.. some do but some don't. They are right to challenge some dodgy sightings but you will be right to challenge some of their dodgy claims i.e. Holmes video a wave or inspector Cameron's 1965 sighting bin a bale of hay!! 9 witnesses mistook a bale of hale ???? Come on lol. Anyway I will definitely buy a copy and I bet it will be a good read. Mackal's was a goood one but my favourite is ted holidays! Ted was only one of the authors that actually saw a large mysterious object and he was on the right track about things undiscovered and and new discoveries like his tullimunstrem ! Love the word by the way so I will refer to Nessie as the tullimunstrem lol cheers.... happy writing

  10. I'll throw in my support and definitely buy a copy. Will it have all the photos as well? Here's a chance to get all the photos in one place in print.

  11. Trying to think if a Nessie book has been produced in a large format, the classic photos deserve a larger page size.
    A limited run of a 1000 hardbacks is not that extortionate, and with a healthy pre-order list there's a profit to be made.

    1. John, my water horse book was self published, didn't even try to find a publisher. The problem was the print format does such photos no justice at all. I can now see why the classic books had their glossy sections.

      Hardback? I think that would need a publisher?

  12. Yes, the photos deserve good quality glazed stock, half-tone printing on poorer quality paper looks utter carp as in Roy MacKal's book.

    I wonder if the classic snaps are in the Public Domain yet or is payment required ?

    Was it Dinsdale that harrumphed loudly re the large fee that O'Connor wanted to reproduce his photo ?

    1. I would recommend that when a photo is prohibitively expensive to put in the book that the author advises the reader how to find the image online, such as search terms to use. It would enable the reader to find the image without trouble.

  13. Great news Roland. I'll be putting my name down for a copy. Are you considering crowdfunding or seeking pledges? VIP priced pledges to get your name in the introduction?!
    Good luck!

  14. Best of luck with the venture. I've occasionally thought of writing a book on the subject, too, as I've been interested in it for 40+ years now. I couldn't hold a candle, though, to your levels of research and knowledge of it all. I will definitely be buying a copy or two, even if I've already read it avidly here!

  15. Great news GB!!! glad to hear of your second book. Soon I'll have to purchase your first book.

  16. Best book I've read on the subject was William's A Monstrous Commotion. Utterly fascinating, non judgemental, cynical but always hinting at the possibility of... something. I found the final paragraph to be one of the most beautifully written pieces of prose I've ever read. I know you hate it Roland but I liked Binn's A Mystery Solved too, very much. I would be extremely interested to read your book. I don't always agree with your conclusions but the quality of your writing is consistently excellent, brilliantly researched and always very intriguing. All the best, Kyle.