Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Midnight in the Desert talk now available

As stated yesterday, I did my Internet Radio chat with Midnight In The Desert, though my host for the night turned out to be cryptid lover, Shannon LeGro. It was a good chat covering a wide range of questions. Now the talk took place at 6am my time - before sun up. This would normally be a time of day I would say "no" to interviews, but I roused myself and was quite okay.

 You can listen to the talk at this link.

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  1. Ah...Shannon LeGro. Very nice and smart lady, quite the looker too hubba, hubba. The giant long neck seal theory, less likely than the large exotic fish theory... in my opinion. And it would have to be one big seal! Sorry, nope. In lieu of of the original plesiosaur, I'm now more inclined to think in terms of evolved plesiosaur or a sea serpent of some sort. Although, I still have a fondness for Roy Mackal's thick bodied, evolved eel animal.

    1. Full blown plesiasaur
      Giant salamander
      Horse eel
      All in the lock

  2. Roland,did you drink coffee for this interview?
    Is their good coffee in Scotland?