Saturday 27 May 2017

Searching for The Prop

As readers will recall, an unusual video clip of a long necked object was filmed by Urquhart Bay back on May 7th. Since a photograph of a clear fake Nessie head and neck was photographed on the same day in the same area, it was surmised that someone was playing a game or conducting some kind of eyewitness perception test. The path the "Nessie" pursues would take it to the area where the photo of the fake neck was snapped.

The other mystery was who the occupant of the boat was who has still not come forward to give us their view on what they saw at close range. So, it was all a bit of a mystery as to what was going on. However, I have one candidate for all this and it is Lone Wolf Media who were filming for a Loch Ness Monster and others documentary. This was mentioned in the Inverness Courier and I note that they were in Inverness certainly no later than 10th May going by this facebook entry. That was just three days after the video footage.

I have contacted them asking them if they are linked to this and when they hope to air the documentary, but I have had no reply yet. As for the man on the boat, it may well be that his/her silence is due to them filming the prop from various angles and so they just panned past the object with the castle in the background.

The only problem with that idea is that no professional video recorder is visible and would have to be filming from inside the cabin. It is also possible that the Russian film crew mentioned may be responsible, only time will tell how accurate all this speculation is - and we have another Nessie documentary to look forward to (assuming it is not overloaded with sceptics with the usual, boring repetitive stuff).

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  1. Hi Glasgow Boy!

    If you dig a little deeper, as I have, you will see that the Russians are innocent (this time).

    If you notice the boat it looks amazing like the NESSIE HUNTER IV owned and operated by George Edwards. He was guilty of admitting he faked the fiberglass hump he planted near U-Bay. The guy on the bow was probably his son. He might have been spotting for George not to run over the robot sub they put in the water just south of the castle off of A82.

    The remote control was inside the cabin so it could not be seen by the tourist up on A82. Also the fiberglass neck and head was planted from the boat not the forest there as it is too thick.

    George's business is hurting for gullible tourists. So I believe he's just priming the pump for himself. I am a true-believer and I believe Hayley Johnson saw the real deal. I just wish you could pin her down for an exact location near River Enrick.

  2. Looks like Dick Raynor found the base of the head and neck (in the vicinity of the footage):

  3. That's it, blame the Russians again !