Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Frank Searle Items for Sale

I was contacted by Kris from the USA who was looking to sell some Frank Searle items she had accumulated during her time as a pen pal with Frank. The list of items is mentioned in the first photograph on the top left and includes twenty handwritten letters from Frank to her. Also included are various photographs and newsletters. If you wish to make her an offer, contact me at and I will give you her email address.

The photo at the top is the "Frank Searle Loch Ness Information Centre" which I visited shortly before its demise. I had not seen a photograph of it before, so thanks for that, Kris.


  1. Any of his molotov cocktails for sale ?

  2. Is this still available?

    1. Not sure, I will email and ask.

    2. Many thanks. While I have you here, the link to Frank's unpublished second book no longer works. I have found something here, I assume it is one and the same thing? (Or at least the 30-odd page diatribe he had printed?)

    3. Again, many thanks for your reply, and patience.

      This is the work of a fevered mind indeed.