Sunday 18 July 2010

Steve Feltham - Full Time Monster Hunter

I was up at Loch Ness recently and went to Dores to look up resident monster hunster Steve Feltham.

As the Guardian article displayed outside his mobile home says, he became a full time monster hunter in June 1991. But that day I wondered if the title "Full Time Monster Hunter" would reach its 20th anniversary?

As it turned out his home was locked up. I assumed he was at the nearby Dores Inn having lunch but on further enquiry the staff said he was only at his home a few days a week. He had found a girlfriend and spent a lot of time at her place!

Well, if you are not at base every day then can you be a full time monster hunter? If this lady becomes the future Mrs Feltham would she want to take up residence at his former mobile home? I may not be an expert on women but I am pretty sure such a place would not appeal.

Are Steve's days as a full time or even part time monster hunter numbered? Don't get me wrong, 19 years of monster hunting is an achievement of human endeavour and perhaps it is fitting that as the Guardian article said that full time monster hunting made him leave his girlfriend, so a girlfriend made him leave full time monster hunting.

Good luck Steve in whatever you do!


  1. Just an update on this old posting. This piece was linked into cryptomundo and Steve gave this reply:

    "In my defense I will say that yes I do now have a very steady long term girlfriend, we actually had a civil marriage ceremony at the Rock Ness festival a few years back and consider ourselves to be married in our own way. She does have a house in town, and I do visit. She also has one of those “job” things and so works 9-5, so at the weekend it is very much her time, and as a result we are often off out and about doing all sorts of things, many of which are Loch Ness based.

    I can pretty much guarantee that if the blogger had visited on a week day then he would have found me sat outside, or inside my van as you did.

    My home is still very much my van, my passion is still to identify what has been seen at the loch, and my life is still mine to live freely doing the things that I love."

    Original link at:

  2. This inaccurate portrait is surely due for an update some time Roland? I have corrected the numerous inaccuracies in your description of me and my home many times, but still you leave this description up as my epitaph.
    I live here in my van on Dores Beach full time, I always have, currently for 27 years. I still have the same partner, she still lives in Inverness. A couple of nights per week at most I stay at hers. The rest of the time I sit here watching and waiting. I actually find your portrail of me unnecessarily offensive. Trying to solve this mystery is my full time occupation and passion,and that is set to continue until I satisfy my curiosity.
    You yourself live in Glasgow and visit the loch for a couple of weeks max per year but that should not be held against you.
    If you ever wonder to yourself why I have taken against your valiant work and exploited opportunities to pick you up on your research shortcomings and presumptions, well look no further, it is because of the way you continue to portray me here.
    And this post /comment is for your benefit alone, but post it if you choose.

    1. Sorry about that, Steve. I did update with the comment I added above in 2012. When you reply to this in any form, I will delete the post.

  3. Hi Roland, thanks for taking the time to address my frustration with this post, which I note was written back in 2010,well that was approaching nine years ago and I am still here, so the concerns you expressed back then are obviously not valid.
    As it happens I you can be the first to know that I have recently bought Charlie Sheen's old rowing boat, and a trident underwater drone which currently has a 25metre tether to a buoy, soon to be upgraded to a 100 metre tether so come the spring I am looking forward to expanding my search to subsurface. Obviously I know the limitations but I fancy having a product about some of that sediment.
    All the best.