Friday, 19 May 2017

An Interesting eBay Item (Secret of the Loch)

Here is an interesting item that has a few days to run on eBay. It is a collection of old 9.5mm reels containing that epic 1934 film, "The Secret of the Loch" and directed by David Lean who went onto fame as an Oscar winning director for the film, "Lawrence of Arabia". Quite a contrast.

I previously wrote on this enjoyable old monster romp some years back, so there is nothing much to add apart from the shot below which seems to think Nessie is a giant iguana. These hapless creatures were a mainstay of early monster films when they were placed amongst miniature houses and have terrifying prosthetics attached to them. This was probably a cheaper alternative to the stop motion animation technique used in King Kong and so on.

I was pondering bidding myself, but I have a DVD of the film and transferring 9.5mm film to DVD/MP4 is an expensive task if you don't have your own equipment. But perhaps some reader may feel compelled to own a genuine piece of 1930s Nessie memorabilia - and it does have a sequence from the 1933 Malcolm Irvine film as a bonus.

My previous article had embedded a Youtube link to the entire film, but that has now gone. Anyone know of a new link?

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  1. I watched it Roland when it was on YouTube but I couldn't find the Irvine 33 clip. I know Peter Costello had said it was included in the film.

  2. Which Irvine film? The one that was claimed to be lost that wasn't, or the one that was claimed to be lost and really is?

    If the latter, you have my attention!

    1. The 1933 one but it seems it is mot there.

    2. The 1933 one but it seems it is mot there.

  3. I'm wondering if the lesser known amateur film guage 9.5 mm [ the betamax of its day ] has a sound track ?

  4. Only £10 gotta be worth a bid.. It says its the silent version is there one with sound ? Whats the one included in the Ealing Studio's collection vol 4 ,silent or sound ?.Any answers would be great

  5. Yes the full version has sound, this must be a abridged version with subtitles for home or cine club use.

    More mysteriously the director is listed as Milton Rosmer, although Lean was the film editor. However IMDB list it as one of Lean's early directorial gigs.

  6. For anyone's information, if something pops up on YouTube that I value, I use an online converter to save it to my PC permanently.