Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Off to see some Water Horses

I am off to the fair isle of Lewis and Harris next week and of course I will be passing via Loch Ness but only briefly but who knows what may afford the sight as it breaks forth from the waters? Lewis has two or three inland lochs reputed to house water horses, how accessible these waters are is another matter.

Speaking of which, what has two humps, a long neck and tough grey skin?

Nope, not Nessie but the Coat of Arms of the Burgh of Inverness. Dick Raynor reminded me of this heraldry as seen below:

So we have these two well known Nessie configurations below. Where these the first attempts to formulate a theory as to what the Loch Ness Each Uisge was? Hmmm, probably not but it was a try...