Tuesday 26 May 2015

Interesting Sonar Image

Loch Ness researcher, Dick Raynor, posted this on his YouTube account a few days ago. He entitles it "Sonar Anomaly recorded on Castle Cruises tour boat at Urquhart Castle". The anomaly appears towards the end of the scan and the readings suggest it covers about 90 feet in the water but what it could be is open to interpretation. Dick offers no explanation for it on the YouTube page and I don't know if he rescanned the location to see if it was still there or if he has seen similar objects before.

The author can be contacted at lochnesskelpie@gmail.com


  1. Well, Dick would never suggest that it is the LNM, true to his skeptical nature. You gotta give him credit for at least putting it on YouTube. If there is something out of the ordinary, he'll share it. Unlike some who make grandiose claims and never deliver.

  2. I have no idea what I'm looking at can you give us some kind of orientation GB ?

    1. Well, that's a bit like being given a surface photo claimed to be of Nessie but without any background story being given.

      I can't find any comment by Dick on it and the link that the Lake Monsters facebook page put up to it has gone away!

      But in terms of the general image, the left side is one side of the boat's sonar scan and the right side is the opposite side of the boat. The white line down the middle is the area below not covered by the scan.

      So looking at the left hand side, as you look from the centre line out to the left, you are basically going deeper into the blackish water until you arrive at the brownish bottom of the loch at that point in the sonar echo.

      You will note that as the video progresses the two almost mirror images of the left and right surfaces begin to converge. This I take to be the scan approaching shallower waters and hence more land and less water appears.

      The little white elongated dots you see are probably fish.

      What I would not guess is whether the object is question is elongated due to it being in motion. The object also has a rather translucent appearance, almost ethereal, unlike the clearer images I have seen of solid objects on this type of sonar such as sunken boats, large items of rubbish or logs.

      Does that mean it is less solid than these, such as someting somewhat denser that water dumped from a boat and in the act of sinking? I don't know.

    2. Link removed from the LMFb page.Sensitivity.

  3. Thanks for explaining that it makes more sense now.

  4. The Raynor sonar story was and still is on Zombie Plesiosaurs, not Lake Monsters.