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Some Stories from Readers

It's time to let the readers of this blog speak of stories they have heard or experienced for themselves in the realm of lake mysteries. Comments will be posted on this blog as something an article says may strike a chord. However, these may not be noticed by even regular readers of this blog, but since I am notified of every comment requiring moderation, I can pick some choice items for occasional postings such as this. So here we go.


Commenting on an article on the Gordon Powell sighting from 1936, one reader had this to say.

I visited Dores recently to see some friends. They told me they had seen something but didn't feel easy talking about it in fear of being mocked. There are loads of people all the same who have seen it and kept quiet for fear of been labelled an idiot or whatever, I trust my friends and I know they don't lie and wouldn't make up a story like that, there is something wonderful there, and I'm not on about the pub in Dores.

The report was seeing a very large tail like thing only 20 to 30 feet off shore swishing from side to side but no fish like tail. The length of what they saw of the creature must have been about 10 to 12 feet (a very long Sturgeon?) the whole sequence only lasted about 15-20 seconds and froze everyone who saw it fixed looking at this amazing thing.

Our reader then speaks of a strange follow up. Make of it what you will.

But the really weird thing was the the follow up to this. Almost as soon as the strange thing disappeared into the dark unknown depths of the Loch everyone heard a very deep humming sound getting closer and closer and only to see a swarm of bees flying by, really odd and so loud they could have been on motorbikes.

Finally, the reader finishes with his own speculation on whatever may inhabit the loch.

It has been know that the energy given off from the Loch itself and those creatures who reside there are exceptional as they absorb the energy through the 750ft deep fault line. Go and visit Dores. I don't work for any tourist board or have a guest house but I do have friends there and its all true.


Two people have something to say about sonar and strange readings. The first is about Loch Shiel which has its own monster reputation. One reader made this comment on a recent Loch Morar article:

Seen a few strange things on a sonar on Loch Shiel, between Glen Aladale and Eilean Mhic Dhomhnuill Dhuibh. Sonar was little more than a depth sensor, and had a very poor display, so difficult to say with any certainty what it was, could of course be false echos. Bottom was about 95 meters, which ties in with OS data and at about half depth there was a constant large echo for a good 10 minutes, boat was moving at a fast walking pace.

Another person who communicated with me by email talks of strange goings on as boats ply their way up and down the Great Glen waterway:

A friend of mine ran a barge on the canal and lochs for years (and I worked on it too several times) and he spoke with passing fishing boats several of whose skippers admitted to getting really odd sonar pings from big animate objects deep down. These guys do this for a living and know the difference between a cold spot and a shoal of fish and a large single object. They don't say much because they can't be bothered.

Sonar is doubtless a bit of a blunt instrument. It may point to the presence of large objects, but it is not of sufficient accuracy to identify them (though the technology is continuously improving).


From the article on the Fort Augustus Abbey School, a former schoolboy had this to say:

I lived and went to school in 1943 to 1945 at the Abbey Hoose of Vaughn. I saw Nessie about 1000 yards from the General Wade's road side (Corrie Cave's side). NESSIE had 2 humps and it was not a boat. It's a plesiosaur type of herbivore animal and we students had the idea at the time that since it hung around Corries Cave there would be under water connections for "IT" to reside in.

The belief in caverns and underwater passageways seems to have been a common belief with local inhabitants. He finishes off on a personal note and with what I presume is a motto related to the Abbey.

Well, some time ago I was supposed to show up for a party before the Abbey was up for sale, sorry, never made it but any hoo PAX Dominus Vobiscum Et tu Spiritus Sanctus Amen.

Another piece I hope to put up in the future is a lady's story of how her great-great-great-great-grandmother had a disturbing experience at Loch Ness (at the time of George III by my reckoning). More to follow as I await further feedback.

So, readers, if you have something worthy to say, just comment or send me an email.

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  1. Wonderful stuff. That first account from Dores is what I love to hear - that people are still seeing things in the loch, even if they're afraid to come forward about it. I look forward to hearing the story from the time of George IIi.