Saturday 17 December 2011

Final Thoughts on the Jon Rowe Photograph

Back in September, a new photograph of Nessie hit the headlines as fish farm worker, Jon Rowe, took a snap of something unusual out in the water beyond the pier of the farm. I have previously discussed this event in two previous posts (here and here).

Now being a website which believes in an exotic species of creature living at the bottom of the loch, nevertheless, we try and avoid being a "Never Nessie no matter what!" or an "Always Nessie no matter what!" kind of website. So we have something here for both skeptics and believers alike.

Living relatively near Loch Ness, I headed up there back in October and visited the said fish farm just south of the village of Dores. I parked my car just outside the entrance and walked down the pathway to the locked gate (though it was an open site). Despite there being cars parked at the entrance, I could not find anyone there. I could hear a loud humming noise of machinery behind the trees but could get no one's attention.

That was a pity as I had hoped to enquire after the whereabouts of Jon. At the end of the path, I could not proceed further due to health and safety regulations avoiding contamination of the site without wearing the right equipment or receiving the correct treatment (they don't like the salmon getting infected!). Nevertheless, there was plenty to see as my first photograph below shows.

To compare this against the Nessie photograph shows we are in the same place as claimed by the witness.

As I panned over to the main area of the fish farm, I noticed and photographed something that skeptics will no doubt make much of.

The pier you can see is most likely where Jon took his photograph from but what is the small object floating just beyond the pier? It's a buoy, of course, and skeptics will suggest that this (and presumably another buoy) were the objects actually photographed. Clearly, the thought did cross my mind, so I did a bit of analysis. Here is a close up of the buoy and a close up of the "bumps" Jon photographed.

Do the objects in the Rowe photograph look like the buoy in the upper photograph? Well, they don't to me but perhaps some skeptic can put up a convincing argument. I don't think they do, but in the interest of open debate, I put these pictures up for discussion. Comparing various pictures I took, I also thought the buoy was bigger than the two objects.

But I said I had something for both sceptic and believer alike today. I have two further observations to make about the "bumps" photographed in September. Take another look at the uppermost "bump". You will have noted that there are various black dots on the surface of the two objects. However, it appears that from the centre dot (or perhaps orifice?) that there is some kind of fluid being ejected. I have annotated the ejecta line in the picture below.

Make of that what you will. Some won't see it, some will. What it means if it is really there (and not an artifact of the image) is another matter. Some may think this revives the discredited "synchronising birds" explanation. Do birds pee upside-down? I would not have thought so (these systems have evolved to be gravity assisted!).

However, on my second thought, two bumps suggest bilateral symmetry which suggests a lifeform. Another suggestion of something looking bilateral if visible further down the photograph.

If you look at the bottom centre to right of the picture there is a curious oval-like structure which to me is not suggestive of wave interference but something ridge like and barely below the surface. The water around looks slightly raised as if pushed up by something underneath. The nearest analogy I could think of to demonstrate what I was seeing was something like the back of a crocodile (below).

The perpendicular lines to the left of the item are the water waves rising and curving over this interesting piece of symmetry. Is it the back of the Loch Ness Monster? Judge for yourselves. But I better stop there as I am getting a bit cross eyed looking at the pixels of this picture!


  1. What a fantastic story. I hadn't heard about this picture or this guys sighting. I'm impressed by the photo. I definitely see the raised water - compare it to the article I sent you by the fisherman who saw the water pushed upwards by a large form of some sort. I'm also impressed by the words of the observer - something I've learned to guage in a sort of subjective way to get a sense of from people who have had experiences that are more or less unexplainable. Mr. Rowe's story rings true. Excellent investigation, as well.

  2. I'll put that other story up in a few days!

  3. The two protruberances positioned as they are ahead of the large underwater mass put me in mind of the depiction of Nessie in Sir Peter Scott's painting, "Court at Loch Ness".

    (On a personal note, I sincerely hope that Scott's painting does not represent what the creature actually looks like, as I had vivid, hellish nightmares throughout my childhood after seeing that painting reproduced in National Geographic magazine!)

  4. ... meant to say "Courtship at Loch Ness" ....

  5. Based on your reference shots those objects must have been very close to the shore.

    1. Fairly close, I would guess the depth is 10 to 20 feet.

  6. Came back to this from the link in a recent blog..."ejecta"? Really? How big are those humps? Three feet? Nessie humps are at least that, right? That would make the stream of ejecta about 12 feet. If ejecting 12 foot streams of who knows what is part of the behavior of the LNM it would surely be seen much more often. While it is an intersting image - why would bouys be postioned so close together? - I have to disagree with this and the crocodile assessment...