Thursday, 30 November 2017

You Can't Keep A Good Monster Down

It's Saint Andrew's Day in Scotland today and Google have acknowledged this with a montage on a Scottish theme. It came as no surprise that the Loch Ness Monster put in an appearance in this representation of the nation. It was probably unintentional on Google's part, but I note the monster lies halfway between a known animal, the stag and a mythical one, the unicorn.

Symbolically, that is where Nessie lies in the great debate concerning its existence. Some regard it as real as the deer whilst others regard it as mythical as Scotland's national animal, the unicorn. And there I suspect it will continue to lie for years to come!

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  1. Well I've never seen a unicorn....

  2. If one day Nessie is found and does not resemble the humped backed or serpentine monster we all imagine her to be then a lot of merchandise, books, movies, comics, and so on will have to be changed.
    Only the eye witness's and lucky few really know for sure I guess....

  3. I like how the Nessie is on a crest; sometimes it is more on one side or the other for me, but mostly is in the middle...

  4. I'd have no issue with Nessie officially being our national animal but I'd want it to be some amazingly cool, stylised, epic rendering, not a cheesy Family Ness effort. No disrespect to Family Ness, which was a stone cold classic of a show.

  5. Slight drift, the Rines photo depicts a Tanystropheus massive long neck. Sorry to back tract.