Monday, 1 August 2016

Karl Shuker's Book on Nessie

It seems I am going to busy for the next few weeks. No sooner have I just publicised Malcolm Robinson's book, "The Monsters of Loch Ness", than Karl Shuker's book, "Here's Nessie!" is about to be published too! Here is the front and back covers for your enticement.

You wait ages for one Nessie book and all of a sudden two turn up!


  1. I think I will contain my excitement and not order this until I've seen it. It appears to be mostly recycled material, much of which I will have read in Fortean Times and elsewhere. And I can do without poetry, songs, music and stamps! Especially since they will predictably be mostly of plesiosaurs

    1. True, I don't subscribe to FT, though I guess other stuff will be familiar to me from Karl's blogs. Presumably the price will reflect all this. Being a sucker for any Nessie book (kids stuff and novels aside), I will always buy them.

  2. Cool! I've been looking forward to this book for a long time.

  3. Does sound just rehashed material from FT etc i can see it joining 'a monstrous commotion' on the shelves at my local 'works' store for £3 !!!

  4. I should catch up on his writings. That seal serpent on the back cover is an interesting take.