Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Malcolm Robinson's The Monsters of Loch Ness

Malcolm Robinson's book on Nessie will be out soon, so look out for it the usual outlets. Two thoughts struck me. The first was how Malcolm managed to use the same title as an existing Nessie book? I refer to the book by Roy Mackal from 1976. I guess you're allowed to do that sort of thing. With 66 titles on the beast, I guess authors can only juggle the words "loch", "ness" and "monster" so much!

Secondly, I note that Frank Searle's infamous February 1976 Nessie picture features on the cover. I look forward to Malcolm's treatise on Frank Searle and his book in general!

POSTSCRIPT: I note the book is now available at Lulu here.

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  1. Im also suprised he used the same title,but nice to see a new book out, im looking forward to reading it and to see Mr Jobes unseen photo's.

  2. I certainly wouldn't mind a review of said book. Maybe someone should come up with a random 'loch-ness-monster-book-name' generator, in the same mould of naming a Chinese restaurant.

    1. At least Gareth Williams' "A Monstrous Commotion" has a title different from the "Loch Ness Monster" this & "Loch Ness Monster" that...

  3. This is true. Apparently it's a hard thing to do, and the famous sci-fi author Philip K. Dick left it up to other people, as he had no idea. I like the way each one of Ted Holiday's titles got wackier than the last. That's progress!

  4. Dornford Yates (remember him?) changed the title of one of his novels from "Lady in Waiting" to "Wife Apparent" when he learned that another author was about to publish a book with his original title. They had to reprint some dustjackets. I don't think we take it so seriously these days, I've noticed several duplicate titles in both fiction and non-fiction.

  5. I like the title ' monsters of loch ness'. Most books referred the mystery as a single monster, but there must be more than one so ' monsters' is far closer to the truth.

  6. Hi folks as the author of this new book on Nessie I would point out that I have sub titled it (The History and the Mystery) making it a more fuller title than Roy's book. My best wishes to all Malcolm Robinson

  7. Great stuff , I will be ordering a copy soon.