Thursday, 19 May 2016

Deer Swimming in River near Loch Ness

Filmed recently at Inverness. But if it had been at Loch Ness? Sorry, but those ears (or is it horns?) ain't fooling anyone. Shown at BBC website here.


  1. Like i've said many times on these boards - misidentification of deer is a lazy explanation, especially when used to try and explain away local sightings.

    Greta Finlay was married to a forester, yet we're meant to accept she couldn't recognise a deer at 60 feet. Please.

    1. Please what? Why isn't that a deer?

    2. I'm not saying it isn't a deer. It clearly is.

      My point is deer are usually very recognisable, regardless of the circumstances in which you happen upon them. Borne out by the film above.

      The point I'm making - and unless I'm mistaken the point being alluded to in this blog post - is that people trying to explain away Nessie sightings by claiming witnesses didn't recognise a deer doesn't hold a lot of water in my opinion.

  2. That must be what people have been seeing all these years !

  3. That's a human with a pull over deer head mask.