Saturday 7 November 2015

More on the man "who invented Nessie"

Or not as the case may be. A commenter pointed out that a Loch Ness researcher had written on Digby George Gerahty over twenty years ago. The researcher was Steuart Campbell, author of the popular book,  "The Loch Ness Monster: The Evidence".

The article was "Who Invented the Loch Ness Monster?" published in the March/April 1992 issue of The Skeptic magazine. Steuart has kindly sent me the scans of these pages which I now include for your interest. You can view the first page and the second page via google drive.


  1. Great work GB. Thats why i like your blog so much ! U have a knack of finding things like this!

    1. Thanks to Scully and John Alvarado for the inital info.

    2. Thanks GB for posting the mag article, really did want to read it. Also thanks to Mr. Campbell for his generosity and graciousness. I don't think it was downloadable for free on the Internet and The Skeptic website offers to sell you a back issue, but unfortunately they are out of stock, Can you say Catch 22.

  2. Alex Cambell had no reason to tell stories, he was a journalist. ekm wouldn't understand ethics if they came out of the water and bit off the tiny penis he tries to wave in everyones dface to make it look bigger