Wednesday 5 November 2014

Nessie at the Stake

An effigy of the Scottish First Minster, Alex Salmond, will be burned at the traditional Lewes Guy Fawkes bonfire tonight. All I can say is, what has poor Nessie done to deserve this?


  1. Representing the Scottish Greens?

    Always wondered what all this New Labour "stakeholder" stuff was about.

    And now I'm just waiting for a cybernat to spot the possibilities of morphing the features of Jim Murphy on to one of the Falkirk Kelpies.


    1. That looks more like the actor Bob Hoskins.

  2. Alex salmond? Or is it one of the Uncle Toms that voted No ?

  3. Memo to self dated 1153 GMT 13/11/15

    An exercise in idle speculation.

    Person gets bored with his own sceptical forum due to lack of traffic.
    He turns up here after a few months seeking the conflict of debate.
    He winds up a few people with his comments and I tell him to go.
    I then post some biting humorous comments on his film project.
    I then only allow comments from google registered folk.

    A short time later, a long absent "GS" turns up on the sceptic forum and attacks said person. This "GS" is banned.

    Said person then insinuates I am the instigator of this false "GS".


    Some more flame wars commence.
    Said person is then banned or leaves voluntarily.
    Having been bored with the sceptic forum and told to stay away from this palce and managed/attempted to portray his main debating opponent (who criticised his film) a a liar, he leaves with a degree of satisfaction.