Monday, 25 August 2014

Roy Mackal's Library

I note that some of the books of the great monster hunter, Roy Mackal, are being sold on eBay. You can view them via this link.


  1. Yeah i bought a hard backed version of monsters of loch ness for only 4 quid odd. Had the paperback one but had fallen to pieces lol. Great value for 4 quid and great book if u have an interest in the subject.

  2. I own 8 (plus his own book) and have read another 6. I would dearly like to own the complete works of Heuvelmans, but my French probably isn't up to it.

  3. "More Than Legend” by Constance Whyte is a bit pricey, too rich for my blood, but somebody better snag it quick! a rare book indeed.

  4. I got more than a legend for 40 quid on amazon few months ago. Good nick too i was suprised. Last time i checked they wer going for a lot more than that

    1. Don't think I have ever spent more than £50 on a Nessie book.