Thursday 13 March 2014

Fake and Real Photos

Like me, you may occasionally search around the Internet for items of a cryptid nature. This image below came up and immediately caught my attention as it was a claimed photograph of Nessie. The website attributed it to an Alfred Gescheidt. As it turned out, Mr. Gescheidt was a famous photographer who died in 2012, but was well known for his pre-Photoshop like montages. He admitted to fooling people with a series of UFO photographs, and the raison d'etre behind this photo began to become clear. You can read his Wikipedia entry here.

The San Antonio Express for the 3rd October 1976 summed up the story:

More recently, Gescheidt plunged into the Loch Ness Monster controversy. “I got so far into that one that I came to believe Nessie might really be swimming around Scotland,” he said “After all. I had my own pictures to prove she was real ." Gescheidt became involved in the Loch Ness Monster after various newspapers published pictures from scientific sources, which were supposed to prove that the monster exists. “I looked them over and said to myself, if this is evidence, I can do better myself’ and did I — with a papier mache monster on Lake Michigan,”

One presumes the underwater Rines photographs were being referred to here. Again, we see the problem of taking a convincing photograph of the real Loch Ness Monster which avoids the charge of being faked. Of course, if Mr. Gescheidt had included the backdrop of Lake Michigan's distant shore line, we would have more information.

So chalk this one off next you stumble upon it.


  1. Another Frank Searle “cut and paste” lookalike/wannabe. Sometimes it's just to easy to spot the fakes!

  2. Geordie Sceptic13 March 2014 at 13:24

    Usually it's the reflected light off the fake monster which gives the game away. It will be either too bright, too dull, or coming from the wrong angle. That's the part of the fake photo which is very difficult to pull off convincingly. Here is another good example of that..

  3. I heard that photo was taken in lake Superior or Michigan,by the american navy,of pressie the lskr monster first photographed by randy Braun when it stalked him,and trapped him behind a rock,all explained on monstertracker.on the navy incident,they said it was 15 to 18 meters long.

  4. The funny thing is randy Brauns photo and drawing and mp3 interview,described two wiggling catfish type feelers Two feet long on both sides of the nose of pressie.randy felt it was using them to locate him,or his movement when he had to crosswa ter inlets,and until it cornered him hiding behind a rock afraid to even take a photo after the first one.this photo seems to show the same thing on the monster.I think its real,maby.

    1. Greta Finlay comes to mind.

  5. Paper_Mario_123 I do think she is real, and I think you are awesome to be doing this. NESSIE IS REAL, LOOK AT THE REAL EVIDENCE NON-BELIEVERS!