Monday 18 November 2013

Another Loch Ness Monster Painting

I was tempted to selfishly keep this one quiet so I would have less competition from bidders! However, I have shown Andy Walker's art here before and this item that is currently for sale on eBay deserves wider publicity.

It's a painting worthy to be hung on any Nessie lover's wall or even in a cryptozoological museum. Anyway, you can find the item listed here. It is entitled "More Than A Legend" in recognition of Constance Whyte's book. I am sure she would approve.

The auction ends this Sunday (24th November).


  1. Ah, Nessie in all her glory! Showing the classic hump. I like this one better than the previous one. Now if only we could get her to pose like that for a pic!

  2. No you shouldn't have - I'm very tempted! (Just kidding! Best of luck with the bidding!)

    This is simply gorgeous though, and I especially like that the head is left just ambiguous enough that I can think still think of it as a tail tip :>