Friday 22 February 2013

Jamie Stoker's "Loch Ness"

Here is a website I like. It is a portfolio of photographs, comments and interviews surrounding the area and mystery of Loch Ness as seen through the eyes of freelance photographer, Jamie Stoker (pictured below). He tells us that as a kid his ambition was to become a cryptozoologist which is a feeling I can concur with at the same stage of life!

Interleaved with beautiful pictures of the loch, Jamie includes interviews with various Loch Ness personalities - Adrian Shine, Dick Raynor, Steve Feltham, Tony Harmsworth and Willie Cameron. In this he manages to maintain a balance between between "sceptics" and "believers" (for want of better phrases).

I hope you enjoy his montage as much as I did.


  1. Jamie's work and is gorgeous and evocative. He's deftly captured the mystery and beauty of Loch Ness. Thanks for pointing us in his direction, GB.

  2. bodge from suffolk23 February 2013 at 09:36

    Must agree, jamie's work is utterly fantastic , i could spend hours on his site he captures the loch so well.

  3. very cool site. thank you.

  4. I never knew Viperfish was on display at the loch - glad to know what happened to it. Those photo's are amazingly beautiful! Thanks for the link!