Saturday 31 March 2012

Other Lake Monsters

This is a general post linking to past postings which dealt with lake and sea monsters beyond Loch Ness. As time progresses more relevant articles will be cross referenced here.

This mainly deals with modern sightings of alleged strange creatures. For folklore and older stories click through to the Water Horses and Kelpies article.

Lagarflot, Iceland - here

Loch Oich, Scotland - here

Loch Morar, Scotland - here  and here and here.

Loch Awe, Scotland - here

Loch Duich, Scotland - here

Loch Ulladale, Scotland - here

Derwentwater, England - here

Lake Windermere, England - here

Cadborosaurus, British Columbia - here

Sea Serpent Carcasses in Spain and France - here

Long Necked Seals - here

Lake Labynkyr, Russia - here

Mokele-mbembe - here

The Beast of the Beauly Firth - here

Lake Okanagan - here 

The Creature of Findhorn Bay - here

Sandra Mansi's Painting of Champ - here

The Loch Leven Monster - here

Whales in Scottish lochs - here

The Corrie Creature - here


  1. Hello,
    Do you have any anecdotes/sightings to share in Loghs Auna or Shanakeever? They seem so small, yet have some stories about them.

    1. No, but worth checking this book out:

    2. One other renowned cryptid is missing from this list: Nessie's American cousin Champ from Lake Champlain USA. Often billed as America's Loch Ness Monster. Believed by one researcher, who witnessed the beast, to resemble or be a Tanystropheus, a creature extinct for millions of years.

  2. SHADOW:I dont have amazon acount and its probable that it is expensive

  3. Post about an alleged attempt to kill a lake monster in the 19th century:

    1. Yes, a good story which I cover in my water horses book.


  4. Some very interesting footage taken by fishermen on Lake Champlain can be seen here: