Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Loch Ness Monster Quiz

Or perhaps more of a poll? I reproduce a version of the Hugh Gray picture at the top. The question is simple - which of the next four photographs after it (from seperate sources) does it most resemble? Ignore contrast and brightness and concentrate rather on features.

Answer Below ...





The answer is picture three.

Picture one is taken from Nicholas Witchell's book "The Loch Ness Story".
Picture two is taken from Rupert Gould's book "The Loch Ness Monster and Others". Picture four is taken from Constance Whyte's book "More Than a Legend".

Picture three is not a true Hugh Gray picture but this is admitted by the author Tony Harmsworth at his website (see link) as he merely doctored it to try and enhance the "labrador" he postulated was visible.

So why the quiz?

The picture at the top with the bluish circle also discusses the Hugh Gray photo and expounds the labrador theory. However, in my opinion the author of that web page took Tony's picture but did not explain to readers of the web page that is was a doctored photo thus giving a false impression. I challenged the person on this point but they denied the picture was taken from Tony's website.

Hence this little quiz. All comments which made a choice agreed with my assessment and I now move on.


  1. Going to have to pick no. 3 here....although, I've a funny feeling that I may have chosen the 'wrong one'. The water and shadows seem similar. All the photos have the fishy head on the right (and the translucent giant 'dog head').

  2. I am hopeless at stuff like this but will pick number 3 as well. though it does look touched up a bit.

  3. Chasing Leviathan29 February 2012 at 11:47

    I'd say the closest match in terms of features is number Three.

  4. I decided on number 3 prior to reading the previous comments and I have to agree with Tabitca that it appears to be re-touched. On a side note I have never even remotely agreed with the dog hypothesis. Some of the so called explanations are more far fetched than the possibility of the real thing.

  5. Well i'm sorry but it just looks to me like 4 pictures of a labrador with a stick in its mouth !!it always has & always will.How ever much i try i can't not see the dog...perhaps when its proven to be the one true photo of the monster i'll be tied to a stake on dores beach & pelted with some of steve felthams nessie models but until then i'm in the 'dog' camp...

    1. I forgot, no anonymous votes! But since our reader here did not make a choice, that's okay.

      Reason for vote will be revealed in due time.

    2. Sorry about being anonymous but as soon as i've worked out how to register i'll be a real person.It's all a bit modern for me !!

    3. Chasing Leviathan29 February 2012 at 15:09

      Just type in the name of your choice in the Name/URL thingie - don't worry about the latter - that's just if you want people to be able to contact you. Sympathies. I'm as befuddled by this 'modern' nonsense as you most of the time!