Friday 22 July 2011

Yet another Nessie sighting?

Nice to see some sightings rolling in. First the Hargreaves a few weeks back and now William Jobes on May 24th. But what could it be? These pictures give an initial feel for the sighted object but apparently there are more shots which would help progress this case. At a distance of 200-300 yards, an estimate of size can be made from the second photo.

Clearly this does not look like typical debris that flows into the loch like logs, the symmetry of the object looks too well defined and frankly looks like a living creature. The witness says the object rose out of the water but the Daily Mail report does not say how long the sighting lasted or how it ended. In other words, did the object submerge for good? These are important facts that need to be established since not many possible explanations just disappear from view.

As for living things, I don't think otters venture out that far plus the back looks too big. We can discount deer as well.

No dorsal fin is visible unless the "head" can be taken as such. The sei whale recently sighted off Scotland had a dorsal fin set well back but then again a whale would not go long unnoticed in Loch Ness.

Mr. Jobes did not think it was a seal and certainly the distance between hump and head looks too disparate for a seal. Again, we need to see the other pictures and ask some more questions.

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"At first glance it looks like another dark ripple on the water.

But study the photograph more closely and a dark hump and tail can be seen poking through the water's surface, or so a life-long hunter of the Loch Ness monster hunter claims.

William Jobes, 62, believes that he may have at last captured the elusive creature on camera after 45 years of trying.

Mr Jobes was walking along the Abbey footpath in Fort Augustus with his wife Joan in May this year when he spotted what appeared to be a head bobbing above the water 200 to 300 yards from the shore.

'I had a wonderful shock,' Mr Jobes said.'I have actually been coming up to Inverness for the past 45 years and I have never seen anything like this before.'

Quickly grasping his camera, Mr Jobes from Irvine in Ayrshire, managed to take a single picture before the 'head' disappeared under the surface.

However, to his delight a dark, hump-like shape broke the waves and he was able to take more photographs of the apparent sighting on May 24 at just after 11.10am.

Mr Jobes is convinced it was not a seal or piece of wood.

'To be honest I know the difference between a piece of wood or a particular animal,' he said.

'I immediately did think it was a seal but it's head was like a sheep.'

However, veteran Nessie hunter Steve Feltham, remains sceptical, although he admits the hump photograph cannot be immediately explained and is worth further investigation.

'The river comes out there and something large could have come down the river and flowed out there,' he suggested."

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