Friday, 19 August 2011


Here is the place holder for the various famed Nessie photographs and films that have been discussed on this blog plus the newer ones. The list will grow as our attention turns to each of these iconic images in turn. Click on the links to view the relevant past blogs.

The Surgeon's Photograph - here, here, here, here, here and here.

The Hugh Gray Photograph - here, here and here and here and here!

The Peter MacNab Photograph - here and here.

The Lachlan Stuart Photograph - here, here, here and here.

The Dinsdale Film - here

The Jennifer Bruce Photograph - here

A picture from 1938 - here

The G.E.Taylor Film - here

The Gordon Holmes Video - here

The Jonathan Bright Photograph - here


  1. Hi there. Great site. Will you be analysing the Cockerell photo of 1958. IMHO it's amongst the best photos to show an unidentified, animate and indeed animated creature on the loch. Chris M.

    1. No doubt I will get onto that photo!

  2. enjoy this site during this (hopefully temporary) period of unemployment
    I recall the Lowrie photograph which seems little discussed these days, if memory serves the same events were observed from land by one Torquil McLeod ie there was corroboration

    1. You're right, one of the forgotten photos.

  3. inflatable humps? Nessie eats the bottom muck like a worm?
    and then processes it into the humps as methane for warmth?
    comes to the surface to flop about and fart it out when its too full? are you mad????
    Nessie is a cold water pleasaur and that's that.

  4. Hi Roland, I know you have dismissed the Shiels photo as a fake, but I wondered if you've ever seen the nearly identical one in a book called "Modern Mysteries of Britain"? It looks like the same object but seems to be stretched more straight and facing the other way. If you haven't seen it I can scan it and the accompanying text for you.

    1. I think I know which photo you mean but send it to me anyway to confirm.